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A Dedication to Art and Art Education in the Community


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Tiffany Ashurian is a firm believer in the power of the arts to create well-rounded individuals.

She hopes to use this blog to share with the world her love for the arts, and her involvement in work that allows her to enrich the human spirit through exceptional, exciting, and impactful art.


 Tiffany is well aware of the power of art to enhance the human experience.

It’s for this reason she remains a strong proponent of arts education, and a staunch supporter of organizations that seek to enrich individual lives and communities through art.


Art and music encourage creativity, critical thinking, and individuality.

Which is why it should be given as much importance as other courses and subjects in school. Where academic courses help build technical skills, art and music help develop personal skills.


It’s time that music and the arts are given a more prominent place in the education system.

Parents and guardians play an important role in a child’s mental, physical, and even emotional development.

Inside a physical classroom, art and music can be fun and engaging.

Now that learning and teaching have shifted to online platforms, how do you achieve the same level of commitment from your students?


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