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Tiffany Ashurian is well aware of the power of art to enhance the human experience. It’s for this reason she remains a strong proponent of arts education, and a staunch supporter of organizations that seek to enrich individual lives and communities through art.

Tiffany Ashurian is proud to work with the renowned art institutions of Jacksonville, Florida that dedicate themselves to giving youths the opportunities they need to overcome daily challenges and lead meaningful lives. Through their combined efforts, she wishes to cultivate in these youths the crucial skills and attitudes that will help them achieve their dreams and become impactful contributors to society. By instilling in today’s art students the importance of creativity, critical thinking, and individuality, she also hopes she can inspire them to become the leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

As part of her efforts to improve the lives of children and teens in Jacksonville, Florida, she involves herself in a variety of special programs designed to provide communities quality arts education. These programs include lessons that allow students to sharpen their individual skills, cultivate the drive for self-improvement, and nurture a willingness to perform in collaboration with others to achieve common objectives. Other programs instill in youths an appreciation for diversity in identity, culture, and art.

Tiffany Ashurian also participates in strategies that update art organizations for modern times. This can entail many things, such as making a youth orchestra more inclusive or exploring a community’s diverse and unique productions. It can also mean upgrading a school’s technologies to take advantage of new tools, such as those that allow students to receive their education via the internet.

In addition, Tiffany Ashurian works with art organizations to cultivate beauty and culture in Jacksonville, Florida. As such, she works hard to aid in their unending efforts to improve their artistic production. The goal is to cultivate in modern audiences a healthy interest in the arts, so that they will aspire to become advocates of art and arts education themselves.

Together with the art institutions she works with, Tiffany Ashurian continuously seeks new and effective ways to engage the community. This has resulted in the development of numerous community programs whose aim is to extend the organizations’ reach across cultural divides—a goal that remains of utmost importance to this day.

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