5 Ways Art and Music Benefit Kids

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5 Ways Art and Music Benefit Kids

July 8, 2020 art education music 0
Tiffany Ashurian talks about benefits of art for kids

Art and music benefit kids in many different ways. For some, their art or music helps them cope with everyday stress. For others, it helps enhance their creativity. From both premises, one can deduce that studying art or music, or both, helps a child’s development in various ways.

If you are a parent or guardian whose child/ward is showing interest in art and/or music, you should definitely give the child a chance to explore this interest. Here are some of the ways in which music and/or art benefit/s kids:

1. It Builds Confidence

A shy child that participates in an arts or music program with other kids will slowly come out of their shell as they begin to not only share their talent but also share their thoughts on others’ works. This activity, according to studies, helps build self-esteem as children learn to give and receive constructive criticism. Additionally, kids feel good about themselves as they begin to acknowledge their unique talent in singing or dancing, playing an instrument, drawing, sketching, painting, or other art forms. They also realize their individuality and revel in it.

2. It Improves Social Skills

Children who study art or music in group setting learn to interact with others, which helps build their social skills. As they begin to feel more confident about themselves and their art/music, they become more open to sharing their time and talent with others. They also begin to communicate better as they learn about the importance of when to speak up and when to listen to others.

3. It improves academic performance

According to child development experts, art and music can help improve academic performance as the discipline needed in mastering an instrument, for instance, spills over to other areas of a child’s life, including academics.

4. Enhances Creativity

Whether a child has innate talent in art or music or they’ve joined a program to develop skills, both art and music can further enhance a child’s creativity not only in music or art but in other aspects of their life as well. Creativity sparks innovation and innovation can help a child in their career when they become adults. Most employers look for creativity in an applicant. In fact, more than 50% of employers say creativity is the No. 1 skill they look for in applicants.

5. Enhances critical thinking

As children learn to draw, paint, or play an instrument, they develop visual-spatial and spatial-temporal skills, which are skills that can help a person interpret information and improve logical thinking and reasoning as well as problem solving. These skills, academically and career-wise, can be used in mathematics, sciences, and engineering.

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