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Tiffany Ashurian is a firm believer in the power of the arts to create well-rounded individuals. As such, she considers it a great honor working with Jacksonville, Florida’s premier art institutions to inspire the region’s youths to become the best versions of themselves. This blog aims to tell the stories behind her many meaningful encounters in the community, as well as share fascinating insights into the world of art and arts education.

Art is crucial to the development of skills, attitudes, and healthy habits that will prove beneficial to the student even long after they have graduated from school. It can encourage creativity, critical thinking, and individuality. It can inspire young people to strive for their full potential, thereby nurturing the leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. In addition, art can create social ties, foster collaboration, and cultivate friendships; instill in the youth an appreciation for identity and diversity; and engender positive moods resulting from the achievement of personal and team objectives. These are but some of the important qualities of art that you can expect this blog to explore.

On this blog, you’ll also read about the Jacksonville youths who are working towards the fulfillment of their dreams. Tiffany Ashurian explores everything from their experiences as art school students, to the lessons they enjoy, to the value an arts education brings to their lives. Of course, Tiffany Ashurian is also interested in examining the various forms of art and their relation to self-actualization. Students who study music, film, dance, or the visual arts reap innumerable benefits that can give them a head start in life; the analysis of why this is so is just as relevant as learning about the arts.

It is also important to bring attention to the organizations dedicated to giving every child the opportunities they need to succeed in all their endeavors. This blog therefore features stories and information about how art schools use special programs to educate and inspire youths, and the processes behind the design of such programs to ensure they elevate both the student and the community.

Last but not least, Tiffany Ashurian hopes to use this blog to share with the world her love for the arts, and her involvement in work that allows her to enrich the human spirit through exceptional, exciting, and impactful art.

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