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Art and music encourage creativity, critical thinking, and individuality, which is why it should be given as much importance as other courses and subjects in school. Where academic courses help build technical skills, art and music help develop personal skills. It’s time that music and the arts are given a more prominent place in the education system. To put it another way, learning about music and the arts shouldn’t be an either/or option; it should be required learning for every kid in school just like science and math are, from elementary to high school.

Arts and Music Schools

In middle school and high school, glee clubs and marching bands are usually where musically inclined students get to hone their skills. For the arts, it’s usually photography clubs that provide a venue for kids to express their creativity.

For those who wish to further develop their music or arts skills, there are schools established specifically designed for this purpose. Apart from stand-alone music and arts schools, universities and colleges offer courses in both subjects as well.

And for kids who are interested in classical, orchestral music, there are special schools for these, too. But what about kids gifted kids who can’t afford formal education in music or the arts? Thankfully, there are non-profit organizations that offer courses in these subjects for underprivileged children.

Jacksonville, Florida, for instance, has the Jacksonville Arts and Music School (JAMS). JAMS offers free after school programs for kids in the area, which include courses in poetry and dancing, art and music, and more. Check out the JAMS official website for more information on their programs and how you can help.

Arts and Music at Home

Parents and guardians play an important role in a child’s mental, physical, and even emotional development. They also have a critical role to fulfill in helping a child realize their dreams, whether these be centered in the arts or music or other interests.

If a child is showing interest in drawing or painting, playing an instrument or singing, it is the adult’s responsibility to help the child improve their skill/s. As parents and guardians, it is the adult’s task to prepare the child to leave the nest and take care of themselves when the time comes. And this means giving them all the tools they’ll need to become happy and productive adults.

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