Top 3 Ways Parents Can Show Their Support for Their Child’s Music

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Top 3 Ways Parents Can Show Their Support for Their Child’s Music

August 18, 2020 music 0

Children have their own unique talents. Some are skilled at drawing or painting while others have an ear for music. Regardless of where the child’s talents lie, parents and guardians should support this interest in music or art as studies have shown that kids who learn art or music develop skills that can help them in other aspects of their life. Apart from enhancing creativity, children learn about teamwork and collaboration, supporting others, building friendships, and respecting one another’s individuality.

If your child is showing interest in music, consider yourself lucky because right there is your opportunity to provide your child with the skills mentioned above, and more. With this in mind, how do you show support for your child’s passion for music? Here are a few ways:

1. Praise Your Child

Whether your child is singing off-key or stumbles on a few notes on the piano or guitar, be generous with your praise. Praise their talent and effort. Praise their courage and creativity. And especially praise them for gifting you with a performance. A child needs to be reassured that what they’re doing is something they should be proud of regardless of the result. When you are generous with your praise, you give them the courage to pursue their interests.

2. Give Them the Opportunity to Enhance their Skill

Sign them up for an after-school music program, encourage them to join their school band or choir, or check out other avenues for them to improve their skill. The point is to give them the opportunity to master their instrument, enhance their singing, or learn more about writing music. Remember though to discuss options with your child before signing them up for a program. They have to be comfortable with it and they have to believe that it is the right opportunity for them.

3. Be there for every performance

Nothing is more heartbreaking for a child than performing in front of an audience without their parents in attendance. Your child will be nervous and anxious before they get onstage and they will need your words of support and encouragement. Even your presence alone is enough to boost their confidence because they know there will be one person who will be rooting for them and there will be at least one person in the audience who will enjoy their performance no matter what, so as much as possible, never miss your child’s performances.

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